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Really Sucks To Be an MD. Wall Street Journal's Chilling Article on Obamacare.

Posted: January 29, 2014  By: Dr. Patrick Gentempo

On March 14, 2013, The Wall Street Journal featured an article on Obamacare and its adverse effects entitled, "The Doctor Won't See You Now. He's Clocked Out." (click this link for the full article: )

There has been a lot of rhetoric within chiropractic about Obamacare and its influence on 3rd party coverage for chiropractic services. There are those that taut how great the chiropractic profession did in negotiating our position within the final bill. My opinion is they have a very distorted view of things. And of course, there are the more sober voices that recognize there are no providers who are winners with Obamacare. We lose and we lose bad. But, there really is a very positive way to look at this.

The MD's are TOTALLY screwed. Just read the article. It is pretty clear as to why. Here are some excerpts:

"Big government likes big providers. That's why ObamaCare is gradually making the local doctor-owned medical practice a relic. In the not too distant future, most physicians will be hourly wage earners, likely employed by a hospital chain.

Why? Because when doctors practice in small offices, it is hard for Washington to regulate what they do. There are too many of them, and the government is too remote. It is far easier for federal agencies to regulate physicians if they work for big hospitals. So ObamaCare shifts money to favor the delivery of outpatient care through hospital-owned networks"

And further, the article states this... "The idea is to turn doctors into hospital employees and pay them flat rates that uncouple their income from how much care they deliver. (Ending the fee-for-service payment model is supposed to eliminate doctors' financial incentives to perform extraneous procedures.)The Obama administration also imposes new costs on physicians who remain independent for example, mandating that all medical offices install expensive information-technology systems.

So what's the good news for DC's??? We can stay independent! Many DC's are already in non-insurance dependent practices and more and more and joining these ranks every day! The MD's must have a hospital affiliation and thus have slaves to the system. DC's, if they decide to break the chains, are Free to Form their future. Join the FreeForm revolution. Help more people. Have more fun. And get out of "The Matrix"!

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