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It's time the chiropractic profession looks at their practice as a TRUE LEGITIMATE business.

Posted: April 30, 2014  By: Dr. Dustin Barton

With that statement, how many times have we heard a business owner say, "I am only as good as my team"? It takes people many years to find their soul mates. So why would you hire the first person to walk through your door?

When it comes to hiring your employees you have to consider that you will be spending more time with them than your soul mate. Don't you deserve to surround yourself with your business soul mates? One of the keystones included in FreeForm is the Team Conversion (Module III).

This module helps the entire team come to grips with the new vision. Could your office perform 2, 10 or 20% better this year? Have you made a mistake in the hiring process? Or maybe worse yet an employee you hired is performing under par because he/she realized immediately this is not the career path they wanted, yet they don't want to hurt your feelings by leaving the job. How much do you believe that scenario is costing your business? Being that your business is only as good as your TEAM lets dive in!

As the employee turnover wheel revolves so does the stability of the business. Stability begins with your font line. In the case of the chiropractor that is his/her Team Members. Have you ever wondered why you lose some employees as fast as some patients yet other key employees may stay with you for 10+ years? How and why does that happen? After completing Team Conversion I have identified these answers for my office.

My team currently views the business of chiropractic through an entirely different lens. We found our Team identity within FreeForm's Team Conversion to be the following:

Imagine a day in which all Team Members, including you show up early enough to discuss the "events" of the day. Cohesion develops daily through specific team meetings of which discussions take place on topics such as schedule conflicts/opportunities/new patients and special needs for the day. Before you see one patient your entire team is on the same page. The concept sounds simple but without the direction of Team Conversion in FreeForm I found team accountability to only be words, not actions. Coming to the office to be greeted by team members that want to be there is a completely different start to my day versus being greeted by team members who dread being at the office.

Can you imagine your entire team training every week together with one common goal and that being the success of the business! What if your day was so structured and you had the proper tasks delegated that YOU - the doctor could actually concentrate on being that person you went to school to be...A DOCTOR! Remember a captain oversees the ship he/she does not perform all the tasks it takes to run the ship.

Consider yourself a chiropractor that is just starting out their business without employees. As your business is growing and on a steady upward climb, what will you do when you encounter a specific amount of growth that forces you to hire an employee? Perhaps you are currently "stuck" at a certain level and you know it is time to hire that person to run your office. Where do you begin? What if you could limit your own headaches when it comes to hiring? I believe your mission is BIGGER than yourself! The question is, can you truly AFFORD to keep going on this journey alone? When starting the process remember that you will regret hiring the wrong person too quickly, much like you regret those impulse purchases. Fortunately, there is a better plan. The first way to resurrect this issue is to confront yourself with your knowledge of the entire hiring process.

The greatest asset we share in the field of chiropractic is having "hearts of gold". This can be an asset and a curse since many times we work from a place of emotion rather than logic. I am guessing that all of us have had that person who we know needs care but just can't afford it, so we give them a break. Before you know it, your office is full of patients paying little to none for your life saving services.

Unfortunately, many chiropractors carry this "headspace" directly into the hiring process. All too often chiropractic offices hire too quickly, with emotion for someone and they forget to follow the proven system. If you have performed a hiring process mentioned below I am confident Module III will be of great benefit to your office.

As a chiropractor, I constantly hear that "if people knew what we knew they would do what we do". If this statement stands to be true how can so many chiropractic offices experience the ongoing headache of employee turnover?

Those chiropractic offices which are successful have established solid business principles which include but are not limited to a clear vision, core values and a long lasting purpose. These principles are the navigational system of your business. I have observed that vitalism pertains to chiropractic as much as it does to the chiropractic office. A "weak" team member may become too comfortable with the A++ team member "pulling the train", but the unbalanced energy within the team will eventually cause complete exhaustion.

We have all experienced the energy draining day/week/month because of someone who didn't "pull" their weight in the office. Interestingly enough if you want to RISE to the top you need to start by "cutting the excess weight"!

It is known that ALL causes have an effect and ALL effects have a cause. It's time we become DETECTIVES in order to save the sanity for every team member. Let's look at some of the reasons employees leave our offices:

Now that we are aware of some of the "symptoms" in our business, allow me to steer this vehicle in the direction of community perception.

How do you believe employee turnover reflects the solidarity of a business, especially a small business? As a business, we need to understand the conversation in the mind of the public and our patients when we have high turnover and/or any turnover in our business. We often state people are unstable when they are jumping from one thing to another and/or often in and out of personal relationships. Don't you think that maybe they are looking at your office that way too?

It's time chiropractic offices take a microscopic view of the hiring process within their office, the needs of their team and the reflection their team has on the business in the community. Let's envision that you are considered your city's TOP Chiropractor with the best team in town! One bad "apple" can ruin everything from patient volume, new patients per month, collections and/or profit.

How important is your Team? IT'S YOUR LIFE LINE!

Think Vitalism!


Dr. Dustin J. Barton, D.C.
4955 17th Ave S., Suite 108
Fargo, ND 58103

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