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True Leaders Breed More Leaders

Posted: Aug 20, 2014  By: Dr. Nate Blume

My father warned me early and often that finding good employees was the hardest part about business ownership. Any of us that have been running the show for any time at all understand the significance and truth in that statement. I'd love to think that growing up the son of a business owner had me completely prepared to be an employer, but there were many lessons I was determined to learn the hard way.

Over 12 years I've learned that employment in our office is a growing experience. We've had members that a couple of months in realized that we wanted and expected more from them than they wanted to give. They saw themselves out. We've had people embrace the process and grow into leaders and find positions managing big professional offices. They are celebrated for their contributions. But most often we have found that our employees want to feel like they're contributing to a team. That their opinion means something is respected and heard.

The thought of routine team trainings was foreign to me, after all, my dad owned a factory and those workers certainly weren't the type to huddle up every morning to get prepared for their day. Real time (on the fly) training is how most business owners expect their team to learn and how I, albeit naively, expected to develop my own team of super stars. I blamed everyone else but myself for lackluster performance and the needs of the office not being met. Then I began to follow Drs. Patrick Gentempo and Troy Dukowitz and learned these five simple steps to assembling and developing a great team.

1. Lead by example. Have yourself prepared, mind and body, before you step foot in the door of your office every morning. I remember Dr. Gentempo going through his daily routines with us in the fall of 2008 and as I began to implement those steps in my own life my goals became more tangible and the steps to attain them more clear.

2. Connect with your team by learning about who they are. Do core value exercises and mold their role in your office around things they will find fulfilling and rewarding. Personality profiles are important tools when hiring, but don't forget about them when you are setting personal objectives.

3. Have weekly team trainings at the same time ever week. Routine is the absolute best way to set precedent. Establish a time outside of adjusting hours that you will train on a single topic each week and have a training schedule established that builds on previous trainings. When you get to the end of your list, start over. It wasn't until we got through our list of 26 training topics for the 3rd or 4th time that I feel we really began to master that practice.

4. Team meetings must be distinct from team trainings, but are equally important. These are when you review the personal and business objectives. Everyone has a set of statistics they are responsible for each week. Ideally it is a statistic they are in control of i.e. Front Desk CA is responsible for the appointments kept, rescheduled and cancelled etc. Financial CA will bring services, collections, % 3rd party pay etc. Before each meeting reaffirm the purpose of your practice and share some wins for the week. Review your stats and upcoming events as well as any challenges that are presenting in the office. Our rule is you have to bring two potential solutions for every challenge you bring to the meeting.

5. Share your staff. Send your staff out to other offices in your area to spend an afternoon. Encourage them to share some of your best practices as well as bring back things to make your office shine even brighter. Very few of the great features of my office were my own original idea, but they help establish us as a first class office none the less.

Fortunately, Dr. Troy covers these principles in module 3, The Team Conversion, in depth. I encourage you to periodically go back review your notes from this section.

You will find that as your leadership skills evolve you will be able to take different points from each section and continue to develop into a leader that breeds more leaders.

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