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This profession is in shambles. This profession is confused, scared and divided

Posted: May 29, 2014  By: Dr. Nate Blume

We have powerful voices, some of the most powerful of any profession, that are unable to communicate a message of love and unity that would bring us together as a singular, focused, intentional powerhouse of health. I've often wondered what it might take to get us to a point where we all agreed on a direction and stopped at nothing until we had righted this ship.

For years I've talked about indicators of success. Indicators of quality doctors and offices that I would happily refer my favorite practice members and families. Historically I've used three parameters to measure great offices:

  1. Do they regularly adjust on the first day?
  2. Do they have a required health care class?
  3. Do they personally phone their practice members after their first adjustment?

After getting burned several times referring my favorite practice members to doctors that scored a "check" in all three categories I've been looking for other parameters to determine a "oneness" in this profession.

Suddenly, the requisite statistic has struck me, as it has Dr. Patrick Gentempo, one of my mentors and Captain of the FreeForm revolution. What percent cash is an office is a statistic that cannot be skewed. Certainly it can be lied about, but you cannot push your percentage one way or another with some crafty bookwork - either the income comes from the practice member or it doesn't.

Imagine an office that is successful and accepts little to no insurance. What does this tell you about this office?

  1. That they aren't reliant upon "someone else" to foot the bill of getting their practice members healthy. They hold their members to a higher standard.
  2. These offices have the ability to convey the value of Chiropractic care, and specifically the adjustment, to the extent that those in their community understand and value the care.
  3. These communities value these adjustments to the extent that they are willing to trade their most valued commodities, time and money, with such a doctor to achieve a higher level of function, performance, connection and ultimately oneness with their source.
  4. These offices have reviewed many facets of their practices to ensure that the practice member feels welcomed, listened to, and most of all important. From staff and decor to the little things like VIP nights or healthy snack samples readily available, these offices don't feel like a doctor's office, they fell like a place to get healthy!
  5. These office spend time training themselves on a regular basis. The Drs. continually strive to deliver the best adjustment possible and the staff to deliver the best experience possible.

Add those qualities together and this seems to be just the type of representation this profession needs to resurrect our negative brand equity. Our name has been tarnished by those trying to be all things to all people. We were founded on the ability to restore function to a body by addressing nerve system disturbance and anything outside of this confuses the public to our intent.

If you find yourself desiring an office that can create this type of value in the adjustment you are in the right place. Dive deep into FreeForm and allow yourself time to right your ship. This cannot happen overnight, but it also cannot happen without daily work on yourself, your staff, your procedures and your ability to create value.

If you already find yourself in an office such as this, I encourage you to look around at the other offices that aren't representing the profession the same way. Meet with them and let them know there is another way. I think you'll be surprised to learn how many of these offices are yearning for this type of guidance.

They are yearning for FreeForm.

Lakeshore Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center.
9745 Fall Creek Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46256

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