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Location: Lacey, Washington
Date of graduation: September 2004
Years in practice: 10 years
Years of non-insurance dependency: 1/2 of a year
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City/State/Province of Practice:
Lacey, Washington
Date of graduation from chiropractic school:
September 2004
Years in practice?
10 years
What percentage of your collections are cash?
How many years have you been a non-insurance dependent practice?
1/2 of a year
If you converted from insurance dependence to non-insurance dependence (NID), what percentage was insurance before?
Why type of practice do you have, i.e. family, wellness, sports, etc.?
Family Wellness
Why do you not take insurance?
Insurance dilutes the message of Chiropractic being told in our office, and it limits the ability for understanding from our members. I felt on the deepest level that in my gut, insurance was taking my voice away. It is my life vision and mission to get the Chiropractic message to the world, and how could I do it with any interference, especially my own?
Please share with us your number 1 best practice for being NID?

Digging deep into the self scrutinizing practices of free form and defining my "Why?" It allowed me more and more discomfort with who I thought I was and who I was really being. This allowed me more and more power to walk the scary exciting rewarding path of change.

One of the biggest forms of leverage to change is looking into a mirror and seeing that who you really thought you were is not who you are. This will give you the power to change anything in your way, toward being your purest expression of YOU.

What advice do you have for chiropractors out there that are insurance dependent?

Insurance dependence is a very dangerous place to be because it can make you believe that you are less than who you are. You can start to doubt your ability to save lives. You can doubt your ability to "sell" Chiropractic. You can forget that the message of chiropractic alone is more important than all of the modalities that are covered by insurance. You can get off track with your "Why?" You can miss opportunities to save lives because of the time you spend chasing the carrot could have been spent sharpening your sword and telling your members what you really do. Chiropractic as a profession is as strong as its Chiropractors. I just realized how diluted and weak I have been for so many years because of the kryptonite for the chiropractic message, is when chiropractors chasing symptom care reimbursement.

"The path of least resistance is what makes men and rivers crooked." - B.J. Palmer

Briefly, how did you switch over?

Before FREEFORM I was axing contracts on my own. I don't recommend doing that without a plan. It will cause you to learn unnecessary lessons. After a few bumps and bruises with getting out of insurance on my own, I found FREEFORM and signed up immediately.

Once I started getting an organized plan of action it was easier to have a coordinated team effort in our office in handling this transition to non insurance dependence, and then the final transition to "off of the grid" (No insurance period, not even out of network insurance, not even if the member bills it themselves, we only use wellness codes period.)

The biggest eye opener for me was when I realized that I couldn't continue this transition without marketing and getting out there. Once I did get out in the community and start sharing the message, it was enlightening, inspiring and very rewarding. I was able to wave my "freak flag" and not be limited in my ability to speak like when I was an "insurance bitch". We started attracting the people who were looking for us all along, they just couldn't find us because we were waving a different flag before.

THEY WERE LOOKING FOR US ALL ALONG, they just couldn't find us because we were chasing a carrot. These type of people don't get attracted to the office when it is in the middle of a contradiction. The irony is we were a "perfect member" repellant when we were selling chiropractic in its diluted form, and we didn't even know it.

We are currently seeing more people that we did prior to FREEFORM and they are all paying for their care and their family's care without third party pay.

What were the largest hurdles?

Getting stuck on plateaus when we were about to pull the plug on the insurance companies that represented the largest pool of our members. And then attracting blessings in disguise that were so uncomfortable and eye opening that it became necessary to change everything instantly toward being non insurance at the end of our transition.

Another hurdle was accepting the idea that our systems and procedures were sufficient for a large insurance based practice, but were crap when it came to members paying cash for all of their care. How humbling it is when these epiphanies showed up. The epiphanies were not as big for me when we were non-insurance dependant as they were for when we became completely "off the grid".

We were saddened when some of our members had to go to other offices so they could continue their care to utilize their benefits.

Realizing that my marketing and outreach plan was sufficient for my old insurance based system, and then having to roll up my sleeves and get to work starting a brand new office. This became VERY, VERY REWARDING.

The biggest hurdle:
Even though I knew it was me that I needed to improve and grow, it was still tough to swallow the idea that I wasn't everything that I had practiced and studied to be. I was limited in so many ways and I had no idea how deep the affects were in my life and in the lives I could have helped that didn't get help because my voice was so small and distracted. My passion and my love for message of chiropractic has never changed, that wasn't the problem, it was like putting a blind fold on a major league pitcher. It only changes the performance not the heart or the dedication. What a major contradiction and what a humbling sad idea that there were so many missed opportunities to help THEM because I was blindfolded. It will never happen again I can guarantee you that!

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