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Location: Ogallala, NE
Date of graduation: April 2009
Years in practice: 4-2 in private practice
Years of non-insurance dependency: 2
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City/State/Province of Practice:
Ogallala, NE
Date of graduation from chiropractic school:
April 2009
Years in practice?
4-2 in private practice
What percentage of your collections are cash?
How many years have you been a non-insurance dependent practice?
If you converted from insurance dependence to non-insurance dependence (NID), what percentage was insurance before?
As an associate for 2 years, it was largely an insurance driven practice.
Why type of practice do you have, i.e. family, wellness, sports, etc.?
Family Wellness
Why do you not take insurance?
Our office does take insurance but on a limited basis. People work hard for their insurance and I can understand the typical family using it to at least get their health crisis extinguished. But shortly after, true health is their responsibility! Chiropractic's true beauty lies in health and not in crisis, which means not taking a lot of insurance.
Please share with us your number 1 best practice for being NID?
Give your best recommendation for what they NEED. Not what they can afford, or what their benefits are, or what you think they will "go for", but what they truly need to be healthy. Own it.
What advice do you have for chiropractors out there that are insurance dependent?
This is easy to compare to health. You already know you need to do this. Should you wait until a crisis or should you do it now? Make the shift today! Ask for help, set goals, find a good team that will support you, get rid of anyone that will sabotage your efforts, and make sure to reward yourself after you succeed.
Briefly, how did you switch over?
After working in an insurance heavy office for 2 years, I made sure that I would not follow the same procedures with my own practice. I began with building care plans and family plans that would help make care reasonable and encourage long-term commitment. I also have a mandatory (100% attendance) for a intro class which people agree to go to even before the exam, where part of my talk empowers them to decide which paradigm they want to be with - sick care or health care and the role of insurance briefly. I present them their plans of care and my best recommendations as well as a "try us out" version that is shorter, yet they understand we continue from there. I also present what a family plan would look like, which they often accept and then the family is scheduled.
What were the largest hurdles?
Nebraska has a very well paying insurance system still but I realize that this is a sinking ship. The largest hurdle is educating my staff and my clients that although they have insurance "benefits" of X visits that in their current state of health we can only use 20-30% of those visits under insurance and then will be switching to our affordable out of pocket plans. You need to have a system in place to answer questions before they get asked and then drip educate these points.

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