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Location:Wentzville, MO
Date of graduation: December 2003
Years in practice: 9
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City/State/Province of Practice:
Wentzville, MO
Date of graduation from chiropractic school:
December 2003
Years in practice?
What percentage of your collections are cash?
How many years have you been a non-insurance dependent practice?
When we opened 5 years ago we started with the idea of being completely cash and it was really tough. We started to utilize insurance and were working with another doctor and our percentages shifted too far in the wrong direction toward becoming insurance dependent. Since making some important changes, we have reversed our percentages in the past 2 years, with our goal being at least 80/20 in the next 2 years.
If you converted from insurance dependence to non-insurance dependence (NID), what percentage was insurance before?
Why type of practice do you have, i.e. family, wellness, sports, etc.?
Family wellness
Why do you not take insurance?
We do for resolution care when scans are at their worst and then convert to family wellness care plans.
Please share with us your number 1 best practice for being NID?
Because we do accept insurance early on, it is getting them used to making out of pocket payments from the very beginning and helping them to understand the longterm benefits of chiropractic for all ages from Day 1 and then Educate, Educate, Educate!
What advice do you have for chiropractors out there that are insurance dependent?
We certainly understand that it is tough and we are still in the process of improving our percentages. Trends in reimbursement are showing that conversion is inevitable. We are doing everything we can to make sure we are helping the practice members as much as possible while staying ahead of the trend toward utilizing more cash plans and then please educate your practice members about why they are there.
Briefly, how did you switch over?
We have improved our education for the practice member about insurance and personal responsibility. Reworking and refocusing our care plans was also crucial to make sure the patient was making regular payments early on vs. only wanting to utilize "what the insurance covers" even if they had 80%-100% coverage in those stages.
What were the largest hurdles?
We still have hurdles. We are in a very heavily labor unionized area with decent insurance benefits. We are also very close to Logan College where many people have at least been familiarized with chiropractic, but in a model very different than what we practice in our office. People have many different choices of chiropractors in this area and are accustomed to using their insurance. So again, it is all about education when out in public and in the office.

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