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Location: Fargo, ND
Date of graduation: November 2008
Years in practice: 4
Years of non-insurance dependency: 4
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City/State/Province of Practice:
Fargo, ND
Date of graduation from chiropractic school:
November 2008
Years in practice?
What percentage of your collections are cash?
How many years have you been a non-insurance dependent practice?
My first year, 2008 I was 100% cash and did well. The business was profitable after 5 months. We changed over to utilize insurance in order to break down the barrier for some who "just wanted" to utilize their insurance. We knew that being 100% cash the 1st year and not struggling that we were sending the Truth as a message not come see me because your insurance will allow you too. With the transition we only allowed 10-20 visits for the majority for insurance, the rest was cash all in monthly plan format.
If you converted from insurance dependence to non-insurance dependence (NID), what percentage was insurance before?
Our most insurance dependent time we were 37% insurance dependent.
Why type of practice do you have, i.e. family, wellness, sports, etc.?
Family Wellness
Why do you not take insurance?
We do take insurance, but we understand that contributing to our health care problem through the utilization of insurance to a maximum we are not helping the economy.
Please share with us your number 1 best practice for being NID?
Family's of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 plus people can be under care for a lifetime by making affordable monthly family plans, of which I can than sleep at night knowing there is a steady stream of cash flow and when insurance does not reimburse I won't have to change any life or business plans. I sleep well, I serve more and I don't have to answer to someone else.
What advice do you have for chiropractors out there that are insurance dependent
Make the transition today! A majority of us became chiropractors to serve humanity, soon to realize we had to utilize our business mind 95% of the day. We are not entrepreneurs because we wanted to work for someone, in fact the opposite is true. However, I often hear I am still waiting for that insurance payment, do you know what code will pay for this or that, I have to continually send in my notes, I am at work late or early finishing notes. If insurance stopped paying tomorrow, would your lifestyle and office have to change? If the answer is yes, than it's time to reclaim your life! Non-insurance dependency is INDEPENDCY for life! Get back to what you love to do without the additional headaches of insurance, your family deserves the best version of YOU!
Briefly, how did you switch over?
Utilizing the NSFI and past cases I was able to identify how long it took someone on average to go from a 75 to a 80 for example. This allowed me to make recommendations to start people with insurance for "x" number of visits and upon their next 1 or 2 progress evaluations (every 10) visits we would GRADUATE them to a graduate program in which insurance would not deem further care necessary. Their NSFI would determine this (no going back and no excuses if they are well the NSFI lets me know if they are functioning well). At the same time knowing that we would take a little cut in profit we launched Ideal Protein within the office to help people with the chemicals/toxins of their life and to build better eating habits. This has become a great revenue stream which is 100% cash. Less headaches of dealing with insurance allows for more focused time on a much better, easier flowing revenue stream. One door closes another opens!
What were the largest hurdles?
The largest hurdle was myself. I just had to develop a plan that was congruent with my life and the purpose of my office. It is amazing how chiropractors know that insurance does not pay for "maintenance" yet, when patients come in less or say they are better chiropractors still submit to insurance. If they are well than inform them on the benefits of staying well and that future health is now their choice, not a 3rd party. I thought the change we needed to make from 37% to 10% insurance would be difficult as people would leave because it may not be affordable. I created more value into our family plans, such as complimentary adjustments for 3 months for newborns, money off a massage, % off orthotics, etc…….all for a monthly fee that I know is affordable. My hurdle was a plan of longevity. Not bullet proof, but we won't miss a beat when insurance stops reimbursing.

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