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"Is chiropractic in you or are you into chiropractic"? - Dr. Zaino

Posted: October 22, 2014  By: Dr. Dustin Barton

The objective for this blog is for you to question your personal and professional potential. Have you achieved your potential? How do you measure that potential? Life is full of competition and I believe competition is healthy, so long as you do not compare your success to someone else's success. Clarify your personal definition of success and chances are the values of your definition are not 100% identical to anyone else.

Just as you see an abundance of life potential in your practice members, we at FreeForm see that potential locked within you, yearning to be expressed!

Today we are inundated with media hype about celebrity sports athletes. The media makes the most out of these elite athletes. However, those athletes understand what they have achieved is through a team effort! What do the following names have in common other than being athletes?

  • Peyton Manning
  • Wayne Gretzky

Answer: They were/are focused solely on their personal strength and the strength of the team.

While Peyton Manning is yelling the tune of Omaha, he is focusing on one thing and one thing only. Perhaps that focus is a touchdown pass, a handoff, a first down or purely confusing the defense, and without question, everyone knows Peyton is committed to victory! In fact, in between possessions Peyton is studying the defensive formations with the hope of identifying an area he can exploit. The success of the wide receivers on a team Peyton is quarterbacking for comes from his working to the team's strengths, not their weaknesses. The offensive linemen know the responsibility of all positions, the routes the receivers run and the blocking schemes of all. Peyton plays by the philosophy of outsmarting your opponent with a "WIN BY COMMITTEE" approach!

Many refer to Wayne Gretzky as the Great One and his records in the NHL may never be touched. Twenty-five years ago Gretzky himself changed the scope of the sports world by being traded to the Los Angeles Kings. At that time no other NHL team existed in California or the south. This past NHL season all 4 teams based out of California were in the NHL playoffs (LA has won the Stanley Cup 2 of the last 3 years). In addition, there are currently 8 NHL teams in the south.

Gretzky by no means was the best player on his team during his youth as he played with kids 3-5 years older than him.

He didn't compete with these older kids because he wanted to be as good as them, but because he wanted to be better than them. One man changed the face of a sport, resurrected a failing franchise and became an example of how to live outside of your comfort zone.

STAY in your lane and be Rewarded EXPONENTIALLY

It is widely known that Gretzky and Manning have and/or had endorsement deals with multiple companies. In fact, their endorsement deals are in many cases worth more than their professional contracts. Their consistency, clarity and understanding of "SELF" has lead them to achieve a level of success that others dream about!

As chiropractors and business owners we should learn from the examples such as the aforementioned. If we continually study the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic while focusing on never ending improvement for our business we will also reap the financial benefits in ways we least expect. Records speak for themselves and it should be no surprise that Wayne Gretzky and Peyton Manning have always invested time into the deep history, philosophy, science and the art of their respective professions.

Are Gretzky and Manning "into" their respective profession or is their profession WITHIN them? I ask you, "are you into chiropractic or is chiropractic WITHIN you"?

Chiropractors and Team Members, it is time we acted like the professionals we are. You are either a passenger on the B.O.A.T. or you are a CAPTAIN of the B.O.A.T.! B.O.A.T is an acronym for Best of All Time! As the BOAT heads out to sea, what are you willing to do to maintain the correct course? The successful understand that time is our most important commodity and wasted time is wasted opportunity.

The following are simple strategies for maintaining focus during your busy, slow and off hours of the day:


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