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anarchist chronicles

An anarchist is "a person who seeks to overturn the status quo and excites revolt against established rule, law, or custom."

At FreeForm, this is how we see DC’s who have created non-insurance dependent practices or are in the process of doing so.  It is time to start sharing the compelling stories of chiropractors who have liberated themselves from 3rd party pay. This is why we at FreeForm created, “The Anarchist Chronicles.” We are compiling and releasing to the world, profiles of these FreeForm Anarchists complete with backgrounds and audio interviews on just how they did it!  Enjoy the ones below and click here to sign up to get free future editions of The Anarchist Chronicles as we continue to release them.

Tiffany Altilio
"Insurance coverage does not cover chiropractic treatment plans designed to treat and prevent dis-ease. I want the freedom to design and implement quality preventative care not dictated by a third party that does not understand chiropractic, or even worse, a chiropractor that failed in practice now working for the insurance company."
David VanDehey
"Insurance coverage for chiro care will continue to decline so there is no future in it. I would begin the process now for congruency and peace of mind."
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Jesse Morris
"My transition is not from insurance dependent to non-insurance dependent but from underperforming to a thriving practice. The primary switch has been taking a hard look at my philosophy and my level of congruence. The next step has been identifying contradictions and getting way more proactive with my patient communication and education. "
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Ryan Sweet
"Even though I knew it was me that I needed to improve and grow, it was still tough to swallow the idea that I wasn't everything that I had practiced and studied to be. I was limited in so many ways and I had no idea how deep the affects were in my life and in the lives I could have helped that didn't get help because my voice was so small and distracted."
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Kimberly Maxwell
"One step at a time….and we still have a lot more to implement, but are reaping the benefits exponentially already: in volume, retention, percentage of collection and more importantly in PM’s that are getting the Big Idea. There is much more ease, flow and simplicity in the practice."
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William Cummins
"Your biggest hurdle is your own mindset. Once you take responsibility for your life and circumstances you free yourself to create the life and practice you dream of."
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Aaron Toler
"My question to you is, do you want a practice that is healthy or just what the insurance will pay you? I learned my lesson the hard way starting out 100% insurance and on all the plans and now I am working on getting off all the insurance plans. I got involved in Freeform and this started the ball rolling and I haven't looked back!"
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"I cannot work with an insurance company that either does not allow Chiropractic to unlock and unleash your health, or that stands directly opposed to our state license which states that I detect and correct vertebral subluxation."
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"Being NID makes you put on you’re A game. When you accountable to the patient and not a third party we believe that you will be more apt to give the best care possible."
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"Going to a cash based practice allows you to take control and empower the patient to do what's best, not what is "permitted."
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"This is easy to compare to health. You already know you need to do this. Should you wait until a crisis or should you do it now? Make the shift today!"
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"Give Value... Meaning patients must connect the hip bone to the universe to get the big picture. Bridging that gap must be ingrained in every process and procedure in an office."
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"Trends in reimbursement are showing that conversion is inevitable. We are doing everything we can to make sure we are helping the practice members as much as possible while staying ahead of the trend…"
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"Get out before you become a statistic!"
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Nate A. Blume
"The only chance for integrity, success or fulfillment in Chiropractic is when our practice aligns with our values through conscious intention, practicing Chiropractic as it was intended. If that means insurance dependence to you, you can have it; but that is NOT ChiropracTIC."
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Matthew M. Mix
"Stop immediately working for someone else. The patient deserves better."
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Staci Fogarty
"If you want to thrive in your profession, you absolutely cannot depend on insurance companies to keep your business alive."
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Dustin Barton
"Make the transition today! A majority of us became chiropractors to serve humanity, soon to realize we had to utilize our business mind 95% of the day."read and listen