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There is no future for you or the chiropractic profession in insurance dependency. Yup, that's how we see it. At this point, don't you see that insurance dependency is clearly a risk to your career?

Further, dealing with the third party pay industry is getting more troublesome by the day. Between diminishing reimbursements, increased reporting requirements, and a generally adverse attitude toward chiropractic services, it's just time to put an end to it all: to reorganize the relationship between you and your patients. To be in control of your destiny. To start having more fun and being more profitable in practice. For all these reasons, FreeForm had to be created.

FreeForm is the brainchild of Drs. Patrick Gentempo and Troy Dukowitz. Both Patrick and Troy have a significant amount of experience and a well-known track record of success when it comes to helping chiropractors get off of insurance dependency and grow their practices. As things continue to adversely escalate and the uncertainty surrounding reimbursement expands, they decided that it was time to create a legacy project that would permanently correct the course the profession is currently on.  This legacy project is FreeForm.

FreeForm leverages a custom built cloud-based application (the Lighthouse).  There are 2 main dimensions to these apps: The 7-Step Conversion Process and the Tool Box.  FreeForm integrates ‘next-generation’ video training with online workbook assignments, downloadable companion (coming soon) materials, key practice tools, webinars, and other assets all designed to lead to one result, ending your dependence on 3rd party pay.  And for those who already practice independent from insurance, FreeForm will continue to grow you further in this realm with shocking power.

Once you sign up and become a FreeForm member, all content is instantly available to you.  Rationing out the program piecemeal is not in the best interest of our members.  Also, as comprehensive and specialized as FreeForm is, it is still affordable for any practice.  So, look around, have some fun, and start on the path of ending insurance dependency today with FreeForm.

Our premise: There is no future for chiropractic in insurance dependency.

Our catalyzing statement: End insurance dependency in chiropractic. Period!

Our core values:

There is an urgent problem facing the chiropractic profession today, and in time if things don't change, it will become a crisis.

And that problem is that the majority of the chiropractic profession is dependent upon insurance reimbursement for their practice to remain viable. FreeForm is a unique solution to transcend this challenge. Not only does FreeForm transcend the devastating effects of adverse reimbursement policies for chiropractic services, it actually makes practice more profitable and more fun!

No rational person can look at the current trends for insurance reimbursement relative to chiropractic, and feel confident and secure about the future of their career. It's time that we face the facts. There is a substantial amount of damage being done to our chiropractic colleagues throughout the United States and Canada. No one is coming to save us by ‘fixing’ insurance or government reimbursement programs. There is no power on earth that can reverse the momentum of what is sure to come in a third-party payment arena for chiropractic. We are not trying to spread fear here. It's actually quite the opposite! But it is important that you understand and are sober about the reality of the circumstance.

The great news is that non-insurance dependent (NID) practices are not a theoretical concept. There are numerous ones that exist today (just check out our Anarchist Chronicles) and there is a proven 7-step process to get you there. In the end, NID practices are more fun, more profitable, and more sustainable. Can you imagine what life would be like, how much better you would sleep, how much more relaxed you would be, if when you showed up at the office tomorrow you didn't have to worry about how insurance covered services? It's time for you to make that a reality.

FreeForm is a movement. FreeForm is a revolutiona transformation.

FreeForm is a 7-step process designed specifically for the sole purpose of getting you off of insurance dependency - forever.  FreeForm is going to help you change your future. 

Well, that's a lot of grandiose claims. But it is also the way we feel about FreeForm. We built FreeForm to be a culture of chiropractors that are committed to studying, learning and practicing the business science of non-insurance dependency (NID).

Do you mean cash practice? Let us define our terms. ‘Cash practice’ is a common phrase used within the chiropractic profession. When most people use this phrase, the typical implication is that this styled practice accepts no insurance assignment at all.  And this is a very good thing. It is a goal we think all chiropractors should strive for. However, the concept of NID (non-insurance dependence) is somewhat different and lives in a different place on the continuum between 100% insurance dependence and 100% (cash) fees collected from the patients. We calculated based on our expert analysis that chiropractors should minimally target to collect 75% of their fees directly from their patients leaving just 25% to be collected from third parties. When a DC arrives at that destination, they are what we refer to as ‘non-insurance dependent’ or ‘NID’. At that point their practice is no longer at risk from the caprice of the third party pay industry. And at that point they can decide to maintain this mix of revenue or keep moving the needle toward 100% cash collections directly from their patients.

The foundation for FreeForm is a very comprehensive cloud-based internet application that has programmed into it the proven 7-step process to create non-insurance dependency in chiropractic practice. We call this application the Lighthouse. In addition to all this we also have an ever-expanding repository of FreeForm tools that upgrade your ability to implement everything you learn from the FreeForm 7-step process. Throughout the whole FreeForm experience there is just one clear goal… get off of insurance dependency. Doing this touches just about every part of your practice, including your headspace. Hence, by the time you're done with the FreeForm process your entire practice will be upgraded… and so will be your life.

FreeForm is a completely innovative process that uses standardized tools in a compelling way.

The process begins by you signing up to become a FreeForm member. Once you've signed up, a whole world is opened to you. You have become a part of an action learning experience and an organized community committed to creating a non-insurance dependency. The process for FreeForm is very specific and sequential. Our "Lighthouse” protocol is driven through a web-based application that is the most practical, comprehensive vehicle of its kind in the profession.  Contained in each step is a series of next-generation videos, an online workbook that organizes your thoughts and actions in the process, notes, companion materials, and tools that drive the process of getting you to non-insurance dependency. 

Every practice is starting from its own unique circumstances; therefore the timing of how long it will take each FreeForm member to get to NID will vary.  And that’s fine, the program is built for it!  Simply move at the pace that is right for you.  Once you become a member, the entire program is fully available to you.  We don’t ration it out in pieces.

A screenshot of the lighthouse can be seen below:

Even though the FreeForm 7-step protocol is sequential, if there are specific modules in the process that you want to skip to, the program will allow it. The 7-steps are as follows:

Step 1 - The Reality Check : “You have to know reality before you can change it.”

Step 2 - The Headspace Conversion: “Head first.  All else follows.”

In Step 2, we offer several pivotal modules that engage you so that you can shift your headspace into the place it needs to be, in order to lead the necessary changes to create non-insurance dependency. Make no mistake about this… When it comes to wanting to create a non-insurance dependent practice, most DCs ask us, “What do I need to do to get off of insurance dependency?” The first question really needs to be, “Who do I need to BE to get off of insurance dependency.”  Dr. Gentempo keeps a quote over his desk by Neale Donald Walsch that says this; “Every decision you make - every decision - is not a decision about what to do. It's a decision about who you are. When you see this, when you understand it, everything changes. You begin to see life in a new way. All events, occurrences, and situations turn into opportunities to do what you came here to do.” 

One of our premises for Step 2 is this: Fuzziness = Failure.  So in Step 2, we have extraordinary videos and materials to:

Step 3 – The Team Conversion: “You and your team must be aligned with the objective of non-insurance dependence.”

In Step 3, it is time to get your team behind you so that everyone is pulling the chariot in the direction of the single clear goal, non-insurance dependence. In step three you will learn:

Step 4 – The Financial Conversion: “You must be in control of your financial destiny.”

In Step 4, it is time to dig deep into your practice finances. Some of the highlights from Step 4 include:

Step 5 – Day 1 / Day 2 Procedure Conversion: “Procedures and actions must align with intent and purpose.”

In Step 5, it becomes time to reorganize and align your all-important Day 1 and Day 2 procedures. This is very critical because if your procedures are not properly aligned with the purpose and intent of the practice, then the probability of creating a non-insurance dependent practice significantly fades. Here are some highlights from what is covered in this very comprehensive module:

Step 6 – The Educational Procedural Conversion:  “The only way to succeed in a non-insurance dependent practice is to educate like crazy!”

In Step 6, we turn our attention to patient education.  This critical step forges the value of your service into the mind of the patient or perspective patient.  Here is a partial list of Step 6 content:

Step 7 – The Marketing Conversion: “Non-insurance dependence is all about bringing in the ‘ right’ kind of patients.”

In Step 7, you now have all your internal infrastructure and systems built so it is time to market and bring in the ‘right’ kind of patients.  Here are some highlights from Step 7:

In addition to all the training described above, FreeForm comes equipped with powerful practice application tools that support your implementation of all the processes and procedures you will have learned and mastered.  As a FreeForm member, you have 24/7 access to all of these tools at no extra charge!