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Location:Tacoma, WA
Date of graduation:1998
Years in practice:16
Years of non-insurance dependency: We will be by the end 2014
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City/State/Province of Practice:
Tacoma, WA
Date of graduation from chiropractic school:
Years in practice?
What percentage of your collections are cash?
How many years have you been a non-insurance dependent practice?
We will be by the end 2014
If you converted from insurance dependence to non-insurance dependence (NID), what percentage was insurance before?
We were 30% cash 70% insurance
Why type of practice do you have, i.e. family, wellness, sports, etc.?
we are in the heart of downtown metropolitan area.
Why do you not take insurance?
We do take insurance but we have decided to move towards non insurance dependence because we want to create more value for our practice members. What we are finding is that when people pay for their care out of their own pocket we see a greater commitment to creating better health for themselves and their families. We also didn't want the insurance companies dictating what they thought was health care to a practice member that was really sick care paradigm.
Please share with us your number 1 best practice for being NID?
Setting up cash programs for the practice members to get all the care they need at a price that is valuable to them without having to hassle with what their insurance will cover. We are seeing the committed practice members that understand what true health means through vitalistic care and the ones that just want to use their benefits. We are finally attracting the ones that value health now! “Whew… Finally” During our staff meeting we always communicate one word towards non insurance dependence and that is “CASH”
What advice do you have for chiropractors out there that are insurance dependent
My question to you is, do you want a practice that is healthy or just what the insurance will pay you? I learned my lesson the hard way starting out 100% insurance and on all the plans and now I am working on getting off all the insurance plans. I got involved in Freeform and this started the ball rolling and I haven’t looked back! I have engaged in accountability groups that help me meet my goals to be off the insurance by the end of 2014 and being proactive in surrounding myself with those that are non-insurancedependent!
Briefly, how did you switch over?
I enrolled in the Freeform program and started going through the modules, as well as being a part of an accountability group the that they helped enroll me in. I got involved with other freeform members and picked their brains and asked questions. Any time I needed something or questions Troy and the team was right there to steer me down the path! Still moving forward today and is getting easier as I go knowing that if insurance went away I would be in a better place and freedom is right around the corner!
What were the largest hurdles?
My own Freakin’ Headspace! Letting go of all the junk I was still holding on to about the insurance companies and getting paid well for it. Now I am having to step up to a place of integrity about how I deliver what I call true health care and my practice members are willing to pay for the service I deliver! Its about time! I have one word “CASH”.

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