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Blindly Believing "If I do this, I will receive that"

Posted: Sep 24, 2014  By: Dr. Matthew M Mix

We have all been victim of blindly believing: "If I do this, I will receive that." In fact, this is exactly the marketing mantra that fills my email accounts on a regular basis. There is no lack of programs, processes, and action steps to buy, implement, and procure to get your clinic to see more new patients. Knowing that these tools are available, why does the chiropractic profession still present itself as lackluster?

The short answer? An unfocused core philosophy.

Your core philosophy is the starting point, the Alpha, the foundation for all of your actions. The doctors that obtain great results are taking actions based upon a predetermined and focused philosophical stance.

It is not a lack of philosophy that causes a clinic to be lackluster; it is a lack of being philosophically focused. We all have a philosophy, however a majority of chiropractors haven't thought through their philosophical core beliefs in order to know what action steps are necessary to allow that philosophy to be expressed properly.

  1. Start with Headspace.

    Know where you are, and where the inconsistencies exist in your philosophy. For example, if you do not believe that chiropractors treat back pain, why is there a lightening bolt man on your office front window?

  2. Clean it up.

    Once you know where you stand, it is your moral responsibility to do something about it. Peace of mind can only exist when your philosophy is congruent with your actions.

  3. Hire and train people that are congruent with your core philosophy. The entire workforce of the clinic needs to be on the same page, constantly refining and growing.

  4. Demonstrate to your community dedication to your core philosophy. Your action steps can now be taken in a congruent manner.

Growth is more about who you are vs. what you do. There are many doctors that have seen great results in their office after taking a specific action. Out of their entrepreneurial spirit and their drive to serve the chiropractic profession, many successful chiropractors offer you their processes in order to gain more profitability in your clinic. There is no doubt, without an action, there will be no re-action. However, as an entrepreneur, you want the largest re-action for your time spent. This happens when you have a strong core philosophy upon which your actions stem.

Matthew M Mix, DC

Bastrop, TX 78602
Every child checked by 5 years of age.

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